King Of My Heart

Some days when you are lonely
And your heart is feeling low
Its then that I remind you
What your spirit needs to know

That Dear I am your Angel
And I enfold you in my arms
I hold you til the ache is gone
Til once again your heart is strong    

Here I am your Angel
And my love is all for you
Drink this love til you quench your thirst
And feel your strength come shining through

On the days when the road is long
And it’s not an easy ride
Its then that I remind you
Of who is at your side

That Dear I am your warrior queen
With a heart so brave and strong
Side by side we will fight our fight
Even though the road be long

Here I am your warrior queen
Courageous strong and true
Til we overcome the storms of life
And see the sun come shining through

Then we reach at last the stillness
The calm after the storm
There is no need to remind you
I feel your heart is strong and warm

Here I am your woman
With my man right by my side
Enfolded in your warm embrace
Melting me inside

Im your soft and loving woman
Warrior queen when life is hard
Im your angel when you need my love
For you my love are the King of my Heart


© Sandra Hillawi 29 May 2010

One thought on “King Of My Heart

  1. happy to sacrifice everything and give everything for love
    a pleasure to see a smile emerge, and trust that prevails despite the distances and differences, you’re a great warrior of love and peace.


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