Storm Drains of The Earth


Waves of high stress reaching far and so wide
Turbulent times around and inside
Each person a channel the waves of stress touch
Responds with new eddies that propagate much

Crashing in chaos on everyone near
Creating destruction bringing much fear
All in its path can suffer in pain
Waves of high stress again and again    

Until the waves meet a channel so wide
A storm drain of life flow of power inside
Then the waves of high stress relax and release
Into the flow of love and then peace

Thank God for those few who’s hearts have so grown
Capacity great through the life they have known
They stand and they shine in quiet in power
Patient and steady though stormy the hour

Absorbing the waves diffusing the storm
Til peace and fair weather returns to the norm
Then all return to daily routine
Oblivious to the action of love that’s unseen

Only the few took notice and saw
And asked ‘How can I learn to handle much more?’
‘How can I too be a channel of peace
And softly assist life’s waves to release?’

Then a journey begins a greatest adventure
To heal their own weakness to strengthen to venture
To widen to deepen ready to know
An increase of energy the power of flow

And so life goes on and waves of high stress
Will always arise from a channels own mess
Til gently with patience we bring soft light to shine
To soften to heal to dissolve to align

Then insight self knowledge and wisdom ensue
A channel awakens evolving and new
A new way to live from a beautiful birth
Welcome in love new Storm Drains of the Earth

Sandra Hillawi 19 Nov 2017

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