I Imagine Heaven

I Imagine Heaven

I Imagine Heaven

I lie awake at night
I toss and I turn, can’t sleep at all
Though we’re far apart
My heart wants to know when will you call

Don’t know when I will see
The other part of me, its been a long time
How can my heart survive
I’m only half alive, when I’m without you

So I imagine heaven
The touch of your lips
The look in your eyes that hypnotise me Continue reading

Five Hours More

london to cairo

Sitting at the airport
I am wondering what you’re doing
Only five more hours
And the distance between us will be gone

People all around me
They are all going somewhere
To the sunshine To the office
To a lover but I am going home

London to Cairo Five Hours More
You’ll be waiting for me Five Hours more
Longing to see you Only five hours more
Then our life begins together once again    Continue reading