Do I Struggle or Thrive

Do I Struggle or Thrive

Do I struggle or thrive
In this fight to survive
Above or below
Is all that I know

Though I breathe and I think
Though I act eat and drink
The pressure bears down
I am nearing to drown

But I have a reason
To live through this season
A reason to hope
That helps me to cope  

There’s no chance of surrender
Though the ocean feels tender
Releasing caressing
Tempting and blessing

But while there is light
I continue my fight
One day I’ll prevail
I’ll live through this tale

So reaching within
I find strength to swim
And onward I go
Seeking the flow

Then one day I find
The tide is behind
My heart becomes light
The end is in sight

I touch it and feel
I reached it, its real
Thrills of elation
Oh joyful sensation

As I look back I see
It was always in me
This journey was long
But now I am strong

I stand here at last
Its all in the past
The struggle is done
And new life has come



©Sandra Hillawi  13 February 2011

2 thoughts on “Do I Struggle or Thrive

  1. On behalf of a friend:

    Hi Sandra,

    quite a poem!!

    And expressing what I have felt like a lot during the last year or so: “nearing to drown”.

    And somehow keeping going anyway. Just that for me often there seems to be not much
    of “a reason to live through this season, A reason to hope”.

    Not so sure why I keep going in spite.

    Could be the knowing(?) that “one day I’ll find The tide is behind”…


    Thanks. You have touched me here.



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