Sandra Hillawi

Hi, I’m Sandra Hillawi.

Welcome to my songs and poems site.

I’m an Energist and I practice and teach EFT Emotional Freedom Technique  and EmoTrance, now called EMO Energy In Motion.

When I’m inspired by life events and experience I write songs and poems and I have collected some of them here.

You are free to enjoy these poems and songs for personal use. For any other use, please contact me first.

Email me here: sandra@passionforhealth.com

I have discovered some things about EMO and creative flow, the healing process and spiritual evolutionary and transformation.

I have found that EMO in particular allows me to simply and naturally transform my emotions and beliefs from painful blocked energy when life is  difficult to flowing states where I experience positive emotional and belief states bringing spiritual transformation.

In writing these songs and poems I have tried to capture that emotional healing and transformation process as I experience it myself leading from darkness to lightness.

I have to thank EMO for unleashing my own flow, my own creativity, from which I have become able to write these songs and poems in the first place and the many articles on my other well being websites, not to mention my first beloved book  The Love Clinic.

In my professional life, I work with clients individually by phone or skype on all problem areas of health, well being, stress, relationships, work, personal development by facilitating emotional and spiritual well being and all that ensues from that. I also run courses internationally teaching EFT and EMO for professionals and non-professionals. Find out about Consultations, Workshops, Training, Retreats, Articles, News at my other website www.sandrahillawi.com

Lastly, I combine all healing modalities I have used over the years from detox and juicing to emotional and spiritual healing and yoga in healing retreats in Egypt and the UK.

Please feel free to comment on the songs and poems and to use them for your personal enjoyment.


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