Conversation With My Heart

struggling heart cartoon

I love you my heart
I am so sorry
I’ve been taking you for granted
I am sorry I had a lot of stress in my life
And this hurt you
It made you contract and feel tense
And not your normal strong self
I am sorry that I only see that now
Please forgive me
I really do love you
And I am so grateful for what you do for me
And to have you so I can live my life

Awww shucks, thanks buddy, it’s ok
I appreciate you recognising me at last
That’s all I needed   
Hey man, there’s nothing to forgive
I’m here only for you
Its my job to serve you and give you life
The Big Boss said so
I am loving you buddy all the time
And I love you still
I think I can let go and relax a bit now
Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh that’s better
But thanks for getting the docs in too
Helps me out a bit too
But hey, after that you can get back to your life
And live it with joy
This is the life that keeps me happy healthy and well

Wow you are amazing my heart
I love you and adore you even more
And I thank you deep deep
With all my love
With my heart
With all of you
We shall be a great team from now
Im gonna be relaxed and flowing
Let everything go
Not hold onto anything
Hand it all over to The Big Boss
He’s been waiting long enough for me to do that
I’m gonna live my life in happiness joy love
And in gratitude

healthy heart cartoon

Yay brother Amen to that
Thats the exact recipe for my perfect health
Do that and we are gonna be buddies for a long long time
You just relax now
Rest a while and trust
I know now I’m gonna be just fine
Gently does it now
And then …. let’s go live it buddy

Yes Amen to that and
Sandra Hillawi 14 June 2014

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