Heavenly Rose

my heavenly rose

Heavenly heart soothing scent of the rose
Even as it harbours the fly and the tiny spider
Not sure who today has become who’s prey
Still the rose releases without condition
Its love fragrance to the world
Blind to its beauty until today when I stop to look  
Heavenly scent of the rose
Caressing my tired soul
I breathe you deeply in
That you bring life to the still deep waters of my spirit
Heavenly scent of the rose
I bathe in your generous softness
Waters stir and darkness turns to grey
Heavenly pink of the scented rose
Gently your petals unfold and open to life
Asking nothing
In connection with the source of all life
Simply being
Beauty and love
That I may come and partake today
I thank my rose the bearer of heavenly gifts
My spirit awakened as grey waters turn to light



© Sandra Hillawi 17 June 2013

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