I Allow Myself The Space

I allow myself the space

To sit awhile

With all that is

Allowing all to be

Exactly as it is

I breathe and I watch

I breathe and I allow


I allow myself to be as I am

Where I am

How I am

And I contemplate a greater Allowance

Allowance without resistance

Expansion that accommodates

All there is

Allowing all in advance

Now and for all time


I rest in Mercy

I abide in Mercy

I abide in Mercy

I abide in Mercy

I rest and sleep awhile

© Sandra Hillawi 21 April 2022

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I Am The Champion

I Am The Champion
The Champion is me
Don’t need you to see it
I see that its me

I am courageous
I’m standing strong
I know I can do it
Already did it for so long

I know my achievements
I know my success
I know what I faced
Overcame, that I’m blessed

I am Sandra Hillawi
The Sandra Hillawi I Am
I know I can do it
Already did it
That Yes I Can

26th Sept 2022

I Wonder …

Audio here

I wonder if this new wave can be carried
I wonder can my heart expand some more
I wonder if instead of pain and heart ache
Soft release could come and love could be restored

I wonder can my heart expand yet further
To carry all with love and strength and flow
I wonder if its possible to feel thankful
For even this news that we just have come to know
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Earthly Angels

Listen here

Earthly Angels

You might miss them in their quietness
For they seek not power or fame
Humble, unassuming 
With modesty they came

Their hearts are soft with gentleness
With warmth and happy power
They see what others cannot see
When stormy is the hour

In times of pain and suffering 
Of darkness and despair 
They spread their Angel wings of love 
And shine their light right there 

Love Compassion Kindness 
Their blessing to the meek
They lift us up, they brush us down
Set us back upon our feet

Then quietly they fold their wings 
Return to earthly duty 
Not seeking recognition 
For their hearts are filled with beauty

These Angels are our blessing 
Their Love, their open wings 
Their kindness and Compassion 
Touch our hearts and make us sing

May all our Earthly Angels 
Know our thanks and too be blessed 
May their earthly lives be full of joy 
Of love and happiness 

We thank our Earthly Angels 
Our hearts with love again 
Bless your hearts and 
Bless your souls
Forever more Amen 

Copyright Sandra Hillawi 29 October 2020