The Fault Line

Hands on heartWater levels rise
And start to overspill
Calling me to plunge within
To find the centre
The heart
The place that will unlock
A new channel of release
There it is the fault line dark and deep

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Conversation With My Heart

struggling heart cartoon

I love you my heart
I am so sorry
I’ve been taking you for granted
I am sorry I had a lot of stress in my life
And this hurt you
It made you contract and feel tense
And not your normal strong self
I am sorry that I only see that now
Please forgive me
I really do love you
And I am so grateful for what you do for me
And to have you so I can live my life

Awww shucks, thanks buddy, it’s ok
I appreciate you recognising me at last
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Celebration of Healing Song

Happiness of Healing

Celebration of Healing Song

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Health all clear
Health all clear
Health all clear
Allelujah Praise The Lord

Thankyou for this miracle of healing
Thankyou for this miracle of healing

Thankyou for this miracle of healing
Allelujah Praise The Lord

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