In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes
(To the Melody of Yesterday by McCartney)
In your eyes
I see a soul that walked a thousand miles
How I long to see once more your smile
The journeys long
It’s in your eyes
How it came
That life we had will never be the same
Battles won and lost time and again
And in your eyes I see the pain     

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Infinite Love Compassion and Mercy

Infinite Love Compassion and Mercy
Bathe my being and bring
Restoration and renewal

Infinite Love Compassion and Mercy
Fill me with light and love that
Renewed I may share with others

Infinite Love Compassion and Mercy
Be upon all beings in all places
Bringing transformation only this Love can bring

Thank You Heavenly Father for Your great
Love and miracles
By Your power may all be restored to wholeness.