For A Dear Friend

Islamic funeral

A light went out today
I lit a candle
For a great man and dear friend
We knew him as Dr Fouad

A man most kind
A brilliant mind
The most loyal and humble
We knew him, we loved him
Dr Fouad  

No-one will know the feeling in his heart
As he lived his life of helping others
Loyal, true
Caring and thoughtful to the end
Dr Fouad, we knew you, we loved you
We love you still, dear friend

Your soul lives on in our hearts
The hearts you touched with care
We thank you for your love to us
For being you
You are part of us now
Even though you are not there

Journey home to peace and love
With our love and thanks
We miss you
God bless you
Our own dear Dr Fouad

Sandra Hillawi 9 March 2012

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