Future Me

eyes looking to future


I look into the future and I see
The one who is everything
That I want to be
How do I reach you
When you’re so far away
Then you turn towards me
And I hear you say  

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The Quiet King

The Quiet King


You might miss him in his quietness

Not seeking power or fame

Self assured, contained within

Humble is his name


But if you take a moment

To consider him you’ll find

A heart so great, a soul so deep

A clear and focussed mind

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Love and Light Blessing

Love and Light BlessingListen online here v1 and Version 2 here

Sung by Sandra v1 music and accompaniment by Shayn Smith

Love and Light to enfold you
Love and Light where you are
Love and Light may it hold you
Love and Light bless your heart
Love and Light as you’re sleeping
Love and Light as you wake
Love and Light to caress you
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Valentine Sung by Sandra to O’Neill Brothers melody of  The Water is Wide

My love is far and out of sight
As I sit and contemplate this night
Of all the forces strong and weak
That thwart our love e’en as I speak
But though my love is far away
Still in my heart, still to this day,
The fire of love burns bright and strong
And will e’en though the wait is long
For no man e’er could take his place
This man of dignity and grace
My heart is given for all time
To you my love my Valentine ♥



© Sandra Hillawi 14 February 2011