My Soul Spoke Its Gentle Presence

I sit I connect I listen....
Your words mingle with my thoughts
Your soul appears and touches mine
I smile for a moment of beauty happened

My soul spoke its gentle presence

"I am here take me with you"
Yes I reply
I am already forgiven 
For my soul knows me well

The moment dissolves unfurls 
A gentle wisp it lingers 
And then it is gone
Filed for evermore
A memory in the Book of The Soul

My gentle soul gives way
As life calls to my mind 
Until the next moment of beauty 
Might find its time to be

Sandra Hillawi
21 August 2022

4 thoughts on “My Soul Spoke Its Gentle Presence

  1. Dear Sandra,

    Thank you so much for sending me such a beautiful poem. You are so talented !

    Reading it makes me want to slow down a bit and take a long moment, breathe..

    Love Julie 💕


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