Nobody Cares But We

Tossed away at sea

There are no words for the misery that has befallen me
There is no solace for the loss I most fear
How long I have held fast to that life line
Through so many stormy winters and even rare summer days  
I cannot let go of the one I am holding without my heart breaking
And my innards being ripped from me so cruelly and violently
And nobody cares
As the one most beloved is tossed by the ocean’s waves
Vulnerable heart and spirit weak
Nobody cares but me
My power gone I must bear the pain of my love’s anguish and despair
Oh my God source of all power and might, all love and compassion
Carry my love until he finds his way
Comfort him in his loneliness until he finds his strength
Carry me until I can dare to feel again
For this pain of loss is too much to bear
Can I find the faith that surrender release and hope
Will bring back my love to me
Can I discover within the love the peace that must blossom again
To let me find my way back to him
Til then I weep and wail in this pain of being torn
From the one I hold most dear in life
Dearer than my own life
We are each tossed at sea
And nobody cares but we


© Sandra Hillawi 18 July 2012

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