Fire Dragons


There upon a moonlit night did I behold the glorious sight
Fire dragons flying high, wondrous power filling the sky

‘Behold I greet you’ for ’tis the end, an era’s gone, ‘welcome new friends’
No more the days of mild and meek, with courage and valour I now will speak    Continue reading

Lucky Stone

Lucky Stone

Lucky stone picked from 1 million
How by chance
After millions of years the touch
Of human warmth will find it

It doesn’t care of course but
Now its being touched
Its different from the other stones
Someone considered it

What life it had
What secrets it has to tell
And as it gives its story so in turn
It receives a loving inquisitive gaze Continue reading

Prayer For My Dad


In this moment as you leave this earthly place
I ask the Lord to hold you in His soft embrace

May His Love surround you
May His Love be with you
May His Love be in you
May His Love carry you to your rest
May Heavenly Angels watch over you
May Love and Light adore you
May all the Love that fills the space
Keep your Soul in Holy Grace

We give our thanks for all you are
To those who loved you near and far
May your body and soul return to God
We surrender you my dear Father
To rest in His Eternal Love

For My Dad
19th October 1937 to 25th October 2017

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