He Who Forgives

He who forgives sets his own soul free

He who forgives

Sets his own soul free

And opens a pathway to healing

For the other

Sandra Hillawi 28 January 2018


Storm Drains of The Earth

Waves of high stress reaching far and so wide
Turbulent times around and inside
Each person a channel the waves of stress touch
Responds with new eddies that propagate much

Crashing in chaos on everyone near
Creating destruction bringing much fear
All in its path can suffer in pain
Waves of high stress again and again     Continue reading

Prayer For My Dad


In this moment as you leave this earthly place
I ask the Lord to hold you in His soft embrace

May His Love surround you
May His Love be with you
May His Love be in you
May His Love carry you to your rest
May Heavenly Angels watch over you
May Love and Light adore you
May all the Love that fills the space
Keep your Soul in Holy Grace

We give our thanks for all you are
To those who loved you near and far
May your body and soul return to God
We surrender you my dear Father
To rest in His Eternal Love

For My Dad
19th October 1937 to 25th October 2017