In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes
(To the Melody of Yesterday by McCartney)
In your eyes
I see a soul that walked a thousand miles
How I long to see once more your smile
The journeys long
It’s in your eyes
How it came
That life we had will never be the same
Battles won and lost time and again
And in your eyes I see the pain     

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Tapping Blues

I got the blues I need to tap now
I really need to tap now
Just get along and tap now
Tap tap tap

I’m in the minus of the SUE scale
The really really blue scale
How can I get my energy back
Up up up

A little bit of tapping
A little bit of loving
Gently does it tapping
With a loving touch

Tap on how I’m feeling
A little bit of healing
Is starting now to happen
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Its Love

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One look and my heart’s enthralled
Soft voice and I’m all dissolved
Your smile simply captivates
One kiss and its all too late

I’m lost in a dizzy dream
My life isn’t what it seems
Our hearts now are open wide
As we dance and we shake with our soul inside

It’s love …. its love
It’s love …. its love

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Everybody’s Angels



pray to an angel

Everybody’s Angels be present today

Whisper in the ears of the ones who sit and pray

Even those with hearts that had to close

Be there

Answer their prayer


Everybody’s Angels be close and with your wings

Enfold each one with love until their soul can feel you sing

Even those with hearts now hard and cold

Be there

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Medicine of Love

medicine of love

I know you all my life til now I love you
The years you played the years you cared
The tears the joys and all we shared

And now you leave to make your life without me
My heart is breaking even now
Before you leave I don’t know how

I ever will get used to being without you
You’re happy with your life that’s new
I want to be happy for you too

But oh my heart breaks
How my heart aches
I need some of your medicine of love
Oh my heart breaks
How my heart aches
I just need your medicine of love   Continue reading