Wipe Away Your Tears


Wipe away your tears
Breathe deep and sigh
He was not alone
You were beside him when he died
He had the best son and friend
With him to the end
You were his last blessing   

He had you
He had us
He knew he was wanted and loved
This was your gift to him
And that last smile
The shared joke between loving hearts
The letter of love from me
Being beside him when his life was fragile
You gave him that
So be not sad my love
He loved us
And we loved him well
He knew he was our family
The sadness is only that
We didnt have more time
Breathe deep and lift your heart my love
And soon you will smile again and give thanks
For the great heroic and beautiful Angel
That blessed our lives for a while
Who remains forever in our hearts
Our dear and beloved Dr Fouad



©  Sandra Hillawi 9 March 2012

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