Tapping Blues

I got the blues I need to tap now
I really need to tap now
Just get along and tap now
Tap tap tap

I’m in the minus of the SUE scale
The really really blue scale
How can I get my energy back
Up up up

A little bit of tapping
A little bit of loving
Gently does it tapping
With a loving touch

Tap on how I’m feeling
A little bit of healing
Is starting now to happen
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Its Love

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One look and my heart’s enthralled
Soft voice and I’m all dissolved
Your smile simply captivates
One kiss and its all too late

I’m lost in a dizzy dream
My life isn’t what it seems
Our hearts now are open wide
As we dance and we shake with our soul inside

It’s love …. its love
It’s love …. its love

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Celebration of Healing Song

Happiness of Healing

Celebration of Healing Song

Listen Join In Repeat A Lot

Perfect health
Perfect health
Perfect health
Allelujah Praise The Lord

Thankyou for this miracle of healing
Thankyou for this miracle of healing

Thankyou for this miracle of healing
Allelujah Praise The Lord

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Raw vocal

No more long awaited coming
No more far away my love
No more days of tears and sadness
No more waiting for the one
How much time have we been patient
How many roads have we been along
How many tolls has life been taking
Well no more my heart is aching
Long ago that it was breaking

Now my heart is light
It overflows
Just as the sun is bright
I know it shows
And if its day or night
Don’t care who knows
Now you are here beside me
Feel the power rise inside me
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Five Hours More

london to cairo

Sitting at the airport
I am wondering what you’re doing
Only five more hours
And the distance between us will be gone

People all around me
They are all going somewhere
To the sunshine To the office
To a lover but I am going home

London to Cairo Five Hours More
You’ll be waiting for me Five Hours more
Longing to see you Only five hours more
Then our life begins together once again    Continue reading