Lucky Stone

Lucky stone picked from 1 million
How by chance
After millions of years the touch
Of human warmth will find it

It doesn’t care of course but
Now its being touched
Its different from the other stones
Someone considered it

What life it had
What secrets it has to tell
And as it gives its story so in turn
It receives a loving inquisitive gaze

A gaze that sets it apart
It is now and forever connected to a human
The stone that on the beach that day
Was picked and had something to say

We travel back in time
To days of life aquatic
The many sands and sea life
Falling to the ocean bed
Millions on millions
Compression on compression
Till ocean floor rose and dried in blazing sun

A crack a shift a lift of earth
And now a cliff
And now exposed to wind and rain
And storms and sun until a crack
A fall and tumble
A rock crashes down and splintering off
My little stone to make its way
By seas and tide drifting through the years to be beside
The one who picked it on the beach that day
One stone and journey far to be at last beloved

With a kiss and the warmth of love
The stone is tossed back into the sea
For another journey of 10 million years

Thank you beloved stone
That you came all that way to me


© Sandra Hillawi

Stokes Bay 10 Nov 2017

Photo by Zeny Rosalina on Unsplash

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