Tapping Blues

I got the blues I need to tap now
I really need to tap now
Just get along and tap now
Tap tap tap

I’m in the minus of the SUE scale
The really really blue scale
How can I get my energy back
Up up up

A little bit of tapping
A little bit of loving
Gently does it tapping
With a loving touch

Tap on how I’m feeling
A little bit of healing
Is starting now to happen
As I tap tap tap  

Could it be I’m feeling better
Yes really really better
Im moving up the SUE scale
Could I be plus 3

I start to feel more hopeful
My visions getting clearer
I wonder how much better
With each round I’ll be

I’m getting in the swing now
My energy’s flowing now
What if I keep on going
And just tap tap tap

Tap for more energy
Tap more for feeling free
This feeling now inside of me
Am I really plus 5

I’m tapping now for happiness
It’s easy now you’d never guess
No more the blues and loneliness
I feel alive

I stand and I dance about
I’m tapping and I shout it out
I’m heading up the Sue scale
I can see plus 10

Tap tap and tap again
Keep tapping til I reach a 10
Tap tap tap and then
I can feel a plus 8

Light happy energy
At last I’m feeling very free
Hats off to Tapping Energy
Cos I’m feeling so great!

Now you gotta listen to me
Cos when you’re feeling gloomy
You never have to suffer
If you tap tap tap

Tap tap for everything
Tap n see what life will bring
Tap n soon your heart will sing
All you have to do is …… tap!

Sandra Hillawi 3 Feb 2017

Updated 16 Mar 2018

2 thoughts on “Tapping Blues

    • Thanks John, I have a melody to go with it and hope one day to make a recording to share as I think its fun and could inspire people to start tapping, tap more and further 🙂 Im waiting for a musician to volunteer to help me … 🙂 Feel free to share the lyric meanwhile.


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