In Land of Pyramids and Sand

In Land of Pyramids and Sand

In Land of Pyramids and Sand

In land of pyramids and sand
Beloved lies ‘neath surgeons hand
Surrendered to the Grace above
While all around him wait with love

Far away I sit and pray
My heart connected on this day
To my love as he lies sleeping
Machines and tubes keep his heart beating

I call upon all heaven’s glory
Healing angels
Help our story
Let us be one in heart my love
Bathed by oceans of God’s love

As we surrender to God’s Grace
A smile returns upon my face
I know it with the deepest faith
That all is well, my love is safe

New supports within his heart
Give my love a brand new start
Bringing strength, with that in me
A sense of great humility

In gratitude we now can dance
And celebrate a brand new chance
To live, to love, at last together
The end to all this stormy weather

The sun is out and my heart smiles
And I set off across the miles
To join my love, my heart, my bliss
As finally our lips will kiss

Step by step, gently, slowly
With precious life, sacred, holy
We walk together hand in hand
In lands of pyramids and sand


One day we will be old and grey
My eyes will look at you and say
Thank you for your love, your life
The joy you brought me as your wife

And now that we are old and grey
You turn to look at me and say
My sweet, my love, and then you pause
And in my heart I know because

We speak in looks, in breaths and sighs
From the heart and through the eyes
Now we are both old we smile
And we still hold hands a while

We think upon the early years
Frought with difficulties and tears
The pains of life, the loss, the strife
The years apart, the surgeon’s knife

But on the whole as we look back
Those days were short for after that
Our life became unending joy
You and me, your son, our boy

Yes overall those years were short
For after that, to us, life brought
Unending sunshine, days of bliss
Your touch, your glance, beloved’s kiss

We know each other now so well
It only takes a look to tell
Exactly what the other needs
And gladly still the heart proceeds

To give, to love, to bless, to feel
To know inside that all that’s real
Is peace and beauty grace and love
And thanks from us to God above



© Sandra Hillawi, 7.20 pm, 8 May 2009 England

2 thoughts on “In Land of Pyramids and Sand

  1. On 8 May 2009 my beloved was undergoing heart surgery in Cairo whilst I was unable for so many complex reasons, to be there.

    It was at the same time the most painful experience in my life til then, to be apart from the one I loved at such a time of his vulnerability, but it also became one of those moments of pure Grace.

    Not knowing what to do with myself, I took myself to Stokes Bay and I sat in my car at the beach and just prayed for 4 hours throughout the whole operation, 4 hours in connection with him and God, til a moment, and experience of Divine Grace came upon me and knew in every part of me that he was going to be ok.

    I received a message by sms that ‘it was over, God with him’ from his friend and I wrote this poem in the car as the sun went down in the moments that followed, 7.20 pm 8 May 2009 Gosport England.

    Its about our story, my prayers and our hopes and dreams.


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