Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

On this your special day
I send an extra special prayer
That the year ahead
Brings everything to you
So make your dreams and
Make your birthday wish
With all your hearts desires
And I will make my prayer
That everything comes true  

Let this day become a brand new start
Begin your life again
With trust and love and faith and hope and cheer
As we say thanks for all Gods blessings
We’re receiving until now
Let it be a happy birthday and new year

So I ask our God to bless you
On this very special day
Let him fill your heart with love
Your whole life through
Let him bring you faith and courage
Let him bring good health and joy
Love and happiness and laughter all to you

Happy birthday sweetheart  🙂

For Khaled 11th August 2013  © Sandra Hillawi

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