The King – A Love Poem

Deep thought
Heart engaged

Then the words
No more no less
Focussed measured
They address   

His clothes
Immaculate we see
Reflect his
Kingly dignity

Quiet strength
Passion deep

Great heart
Loyal true
Grateful kind
Of rarest few
Eyes meet
His lover’s gaze
Softest smiling
Heart now says

My only love
My heart my life
Behold your husband
Adored wife

Melting moulding
They embrace
Hearts as One
Holy Grace

Words are silent
Looks and sighs
Touching souls
Through hearts and eyes

With majesty
He takes his Queen
King of Love
Entwined they dream

Man and woman
Love and bliss
Awaken to
Each others kiss

Communion Holy
Partaken wholly

Thirst of Love
Now satisfied
Kingdom now
Awaits outside

Side by side
Devoted Free
They love and serve



© Sandra Hillawi 21 June 2010

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