Celebration of Healing Song

Happiness of Healing

Celebration of Healing Song

Listen Join In Repeat A Lot

Perfect health
Perfect health
Perfect health
Allelujah Praise The Lord

Thankyou for this miracle of healing
Thankyou for this miracle of healing

Thankyou for this miracle of healing
Allelujah Praise The Lord

Continuous repeat til desired energy state achieved

This song designed to create the emotional energy state of healing already having been achieved, increasing  energy flow, lifting and healing the spirit, which is desirable for actual healing. Sing it if you are in need of healing to lift your spirits. Sing it for your friends who need healing to create a highly positive field around those who need healing. Focus on the person or body part that needs healing as you sing….. and enjoy!

Suggestions for other words :

Tumour’s Gone

Perfect Health

I Am Health

I Am Love

I Am One

I Am Healed

I Am Light

I Am Free

Body’s Healed

I’m Alive

Light and Free

If you would like me to record a healing song just for you, with my energy and healing intention for you and send it as an mp3, please leave me a comment request.

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