A Wedding Poem

Wedding Day Poem

The Wedding Day
The day of celebration’s here
Guests await, hearts full of cheer
To witness joining of two hearts
That choose ne’er more to be apart

Who knows just when that feeling came
When life would never be the same
‘My love, my heart, you are my life
‘Honour me, become my wife’

Now bride and groom in sparkling beauty
Honoured guests with special duties
Friends and family bright and gay
Gather on this happy day   

The long awaited moment’s come
When loving hearts can join as one
He takes her hand, looks in her eyes
Full of love for him, she sighs

Words of love and vows are spoken
Rings exchanged, a sacred token
Love is sealed and man and wife
Enjoy first kiss of married life

A rush of joy bursts all around
Cheers of love and happiness sound
The time for celebration’s come
Now the marriage vows are done

Throughout the day the happy throng
Feast and dance with laughter, song
In friendship, love and family pride
For son and daughter, groom and bride

And then sun sets on joyful day
All turn to bride and groom and say
It’s time to start your life together
Side by side, whate’er the weather

We wish your hearts remain this open
That words of love be always spoken
That kindness thoughtfulness and care
And comfort be forever there

That love will only bloom and grow
So that you will both come to know
This sacred gift from heaven above
The blessing of eternal love


© Sandra Hillawi  21 June 2010

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