Happy Christmas 2021

Happy Christmas Poem from Sandra
There are many people who have touched my life, in times of crisis and challenge
In times of celebration and success on my path this last year. 

There are those who have sat with me and listened through my tears
There are those who have cheered me on and encouraged me through my fears
There are those who have been patient and supportive at these times
And those who have prayed for me and my loved ones, really so kind

There are those who have reached out with practical solutions and help
There are those who have engaged me for work that sustained me so I could help myself
There are those who  inspired me, who I have inspired, who honour me with their respect
There are those whose goodwill and good wishes hold me in a positive matrix net

There are those who surround me with friendship, love and care
Those who I laugh and have fun with, celebrate with, who are always there
For all these people, for all this love in my life
I give thanks from my heart, Iā€™m truly blessed by Your Light

May you too be blessed with love and good friends 
And may I be one to you as you are to me as this year ends

And finally, My heartfelt love and thanks to you
Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year too

Sandra Hillawi 24 December 2021

4 thoughts on “Happy Christmas 2021

  1. Such a beautiful message and spoken so clearly with love. It melted my heart.
    Merry Christmas šŸŽ„
    Thank you for your Christmas message and for being so wonderful Sandra.
    Wishing you our teacher/friend many blessings and all of us a love filled year ahead āœØ


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