On The Passing of A Loved One

quran candle
What words can comfort the heart that aches
For the loss of one who is beloved and cherished by all
What actions can console in such times of sorrow
But soft words of love and gentle kindness
May the pain of parting be soothed by the love 
With which the beloved is remembered
May the emptiness he left be gently filled by thankfulness
For all the beloved has brought to all who had the gift of knowing him
May his soul rest in eternal love and peace
Carried in the arms of Gods Angels as they in turn
Wrap their love around you all to comfort you at this time of loss
Surrender in Love and Faith and with Patience
Lighter days will return again

Sandra Hillawi
On the passing of Uncle Farouk Cairo 1 December 2015

Solace on the passing of a loved one

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