Till There Was You

Till There Was You Sandra Hillawi

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This is my first ever recording, a cover of one of my favourite Beatles Songs, recorded at MutantLab Studio Southampton on the 18th January 2013 and released 23 January 2013. Copyright MPL Communications Ltd. Special thanks to my friend Anthony aka on the internet as Singerman, who gave me the nudge to do it.


Pay With Your Attention


Pay with your attention
It buys a lot
It buys nature in its glory
People’s essence and soul
The more you spend the more you get
Knowledge Power Love
Pay with your attention
From your unlimited bank account
Unlimited rewards await
So what do you wish for?

Everybody’s Angels



pray to an angel

Everybody’s Angels be present today

Whisper in the ears of the ones who sit and pray

Even those with hearts that had to close

Be there

Answer their prayer


Everybody’s Angels be close and with your wings

Enfold each one with love until their soul can feel you sing

Even those with hearts now hard and cold

Be there

Answer their prayer         Continue reading

Medicine of Love

medicine of love

I know you all my life til now I love you
The years you played the years you cared
The tears the joys and all we shared

And now you leave to make your life without me
My heart is breaking even now
Before you leave I don’t know how

I ever will get used to being without you
You’re happy with your life that’s new
I want to be happy for you too

But oh my heart breaks
How my heart aches
I need some of your medicine of love
Oh my heart breaks
How my heart aches
I just need your medicine of love   Continue reading