In Land of Pyramids and Sand

In Land of Pyramids and Sand

In Land of Pyramids and Sand

In land of pyramids and sand
Beloved lies ‘neath surgeons hand
Surrendered to the Grace above
While all around him wait with love

Far away I sit and pray
My heart connected on this day
To my love as he lies sleeping
Machines and tubes keep his heart beating

I call upon all heaven’s glory
Healing angels
Help our story
Let us be one in heart my love
Bathed by oceans of God’s love

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King Of My Heart

Some days when you are lonely
And your heart is feeling low
Its then that I remind you
What your spirit needs to know

That Dear I am your Angel
And I enfold you in my arms
I hold you til the ache is gone
Til once again your heart is strong     Continue reading

Do You Know How Much I Love You

Cherry Blossom

Do you know how much I love you?
Can you imagine how I adore you?
Look at the sky and feel its height
Think of the mountains and feel their might
Feel the sun think of its power
The beauty of a perfect flower
God’s Love through Creation of which we are part
Reflects back to you through the love of my heart

© Sandra Hillawi 5 September 2009