He Sleeps Alone

Watching Over Me

Tonight he sleeps alone
His chest rises and falls
In his quiet room
Lying still, so still
Tired, so deeply tired
Too tired even to dream  Continue reading

So Is My Love For You

pink blossom

As every flower opens
Sweetest fragrance to release
So is my love for you
Beauteous gift of peace
Breeze that softly brushed your face
On warmest summer day
So is my love for you
Caressing cares away    Continue reading

Wedding Poem for Alex and Claire

 alex and claire

The day of celebration’s here
Guests await, hearts full of cheer
To witness joining of two hearts
At place of beauty Sedgwick Park

Fair Claire Kenyon and Alex Kent
Far away to Thailand went
On eve of decade hand in hand
They made their promise on the sand    Continue reading